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Join us as we celebrate the beginning of our 5th decade 

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H2A and Third World Newsreel's Indie Distribution Label

The Hip-Hop Association (H2A) and Third World Newsreel (TWN) partner in H2ONEWSREEL, a distribution label offering the best in Hip-Hop media, education, and culture.

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The TWN 2015 Fall Seminars are starting!

   The 2015 Production Workshop is almost done and the TWN Evening Seminars, will start September 9th as we cohost The Black Panther at the Film Forum. Plus: Sound, New Cameras, The Throwaways, Grace Lee and Daphne McWilliams. See the  lineup. 

2015: Fall at TWN

TWN films featured at Lincoln Center, more grants, internships and Herman Lew in memoriam.  Read More  Screenings, awards and more.

Indochina: Traces of a Mother

Idrissou Mora-Kpai

INDOCHINA: TRACES OF A MOTHER documents a little-known chapter in African, Asian and French colonial history and the personal story of Christophe, a Beninese-Vietnamese orphan that returns to Vietnam to look for his long-lost mother. Between 1946 and 1954, more than 60,000 African soldiers were enlisted by France to fight the Viet Minh during the First Indochina War. Pitted against one another by circumstances, African and Vietnamese fighters came into contact, and a number of African soldiers married Vietnamese women. Out of these unions, numerous mixed-race children were born. At the end of the war, the French colonial army gave orders to bring all Afro-Vietnamese children to Africa. While some children left with their mothers and fathers, others were simply taken away by their fathers, leaving their mothers behind. Children that had neither mother nor father were abandoned in orphanages and put up for mass adoption by African officers. more...

Special Collections

Assembled for your classroom and exhibition use, Third World Newsreel's Special Collections groups titles from our library of films and videos around important issues.


Call for Change

The CALL FOR CHANGE 2005 series was a Third World Newsreel project which brought together socially conscious mediamakers of color to produce short videos on communities of color and their state of America. Learn More

Call for Producers and Filmmakers. Read More

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